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I'm thrilled to introduce myself as your dedicated Charlotte-based portrait photographer and I hope our paths cross soon.

My photography style is influenced by my background in fashion photography. I have a profound appreciation for the movement of flowing materials and vibrant colors. 

For those in search of a dynamic, skilled photographer to capture the essence of their family, you've arrived at the perfect destination. My passion lies in venturing outdoors and uncovering the remarkable beauty that Charlotte has to offer.

I'm originally from the sunlit shores of San Diego, although I've called Charlotte my home since 1990, along with my daughter, Ashley. 

I can't wait to meet you in person!  It would be an honor to capture and preserve your most precious moments.

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Unusual Facts About Me!

* I was born and raised in San Diego, CA

* I have a beautiful daughter who is married and
is excelling in her career.  I'm so proud of her and all 
she has accomplished in such a short time.

* Yes, my name really is CanDee. My mother
named me after her best friend Dee.

* I lived in Japan for four years.
 (Kon'nichiwa, genkidesuka)

* I'm a Navy Brat;

* I have four sisters and two brothers, yet
I'm an only child.
    (Let me know if you figure it out)

* I could eat breakfast for every meal;

* I love all types of music;

* I can not sing, so I make a joyful noise;

* I have zero instrumental talent;

* I love to dance and wish I had taken it seriously
when I was younger;

* I love all animals;

* I owned a horse, and she will forever be in my heart;

* I have two dogs;
* I was gifted a white RAT. (Long Story) 
(Short Version)
- My daughter had it for a college lab course,
and was supposed to donate it to the owls.
 She decided to "gift" it to me on a visit home
from college.  She lived for about a year. The rat!
 My daughter is fine. (Hahaha!)

A Look into my



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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”   
 - Winston S. Churchill

As a long time horse lover, I would have to agree with Winnie that the outside of a horse is good for a man, and a woman! I find solace in the saddle. The purity of being at one with such a majestic creature, the smell of the leather bridle, the sound of hoof beats, the bond of horse and rider.

My fondest experience to date was with my horse, Pumpkin. She was a half Arabian and half Quarter horse mix. I originally got her for my daughter.  And once she outgrew the “horse stage” (like many teens do), she became mine. I have to admit that for me inheriting care of her was much more a blessing than a burden.

I have relished in the natural beauty of the horse since I was a child. Now as a photographer, I am able to translate their essence into a moment that will last forever. Although equine photography is not listed as one of my specialties I have a great deal of experience in taking pictures of many of my client’s horses. Feel free to reach out to me if you have a special steed that you would like to capture in pictures for all time.

Me and Pumpkin


My Favorite

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I guess I am just a foodie! It’s true, I love almost all foods and have a very adventurous pallet and am willing to try many different foods. However, if I had to choose a favorite among all of them, it would undoubtedly be Oriental soups.

My adoration for this dish stems back to my childhood when I lived in Japan for four years. Oriental soup, better known as Osoba, is a staple and served with almost every meal. I prefer mine with a little cilantro, fried egg, pork, spring onions and fresh basil – YUM! The best part of Osoba is the variety. There are so many elements you can add to it that the possibilities are truly endless. It is easy to integrate your favorite ingredients into the recipe.

In much the same way I have an adventurous spirit when it comes to food, I also have an eccentric spirit when it comes to my photography. Where other photographers may not be willing to take chances or explore their creativity, I will, and do! Some of my best shots come from unexpected moments and unique backdrops. My experience and eye for design also help me capture the emotions, along with the beauty, in my photos. Just like food, you never know what you are missing if you are never willing to take the chance!

Oriential soups


My Favorite

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I was tasked at identifying my favorite season (among other faves of mine), when building this website. I have to admit; I have always been solely about fulfilling the desires and needs of my clients and would have never dreamed that a client would want to know more about me? However, in doing so, I really feel I am developing a heightened sense of getting to know YOU by you knowing a little more about me. This way, when we meet, you will feel more comfortable and at ease during your photo session. Nothing translates better in a positive way than a model, or family, that feels relaxed in front of the camera ….

Now, back to my favorite season!   Without a doubt, it has to be autumn!

Why, you may ask? When I mention the season, I can literally feel, taste and smell it. Falling leaves with all their colors ablaze and the way they “crunch” underfoot. Warm apple cider on a fall evening gathered around the fire pit making s’mores, friends and memories. The way Mother Nature prepares for her winter’s nap, preparing for spring’s rebirth. Warm fuzzy sweaters, pumpkins, apple picking. Autumn is the season that exhilarates the senses – all of them!

Fall is also a great time to plan your family photos. Whether you need a group image for your annual holiday card, or just a picture-perfect portrait over the mantel, no other season makes a better backdrop.

North carolina Blue ridge mountains



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Ok, I’ll admit it, flowers are probably one of my biggest weaknesses. My Father spoiled me with flowers growing up and solidified my adoration for flowers from an early age. I fondly remember receiving flowers from him on every special occasion, and I loved it! I have carried that memory with me for all time, and flowers now and forever will serve as a reminder of my Father’s love. It is really no wonder that I loved being surrounded by flora (and fauna) as an adult. Having fresh flowers to enjoy just makes the day better; if I am having a rough day, or it’s rainy outside, a bouquet of fresh flower is an instant “perk up” that heightens my mood!

Not only do I find inspiration in my everyday life through flowers, they also work magic in bringing out the best aspects in a photo shoot. A bride’s smile will convey more emotion … a new mother-to-be’s inner glow will shine a little brighter… Would you dare imagine a bride without her bouquet? Or a maternity photo shoot without an element of Mother Nature?


Wild Flowers
in THE North Carolina Mountains



I found CanDee through Facebook and so glad I did! My infant daughter and I did a mommy & me session with her and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She has a beautiful eye for photo composition and the play of light to achieve beautiful and unique results. Not to mention how personable she is and patient with my little one. I plan to use her again for some much needed headshots!

CanDee is creative and has a great eye for beautiful pictures.  She helps you pose naturally and knows the best lighting and angles! I did my maternity photos with her and I never imagined they would turn out so great! You can definitely tell photography is her passion!

We could not have had a better experience for our maternity photos! She is fun, talented, thoughtful, and positive! She made the experience so enjoyable and so so simple! In a busy time in our lives, her communication and processes were simple, clear, and organized!

CanDee did a wonderful job on the family photos of my husband and I for our adoption profile. She gave great advice on location, timing, and poses that really captured what we wanted in our photos. The pictures came out wonderful and her turn around time from photo shoot to final product was incredibly quick.  We love our photos and will definitely work with her again!

This is the first time we worked with a professional photographer and it was worth every penny. We wanted to capture the puppyhood of our goldendoodle and CanDee made it all so easy and smooth. She was very proactive starting from color scheme guidance to getting a squeaky toy to grab our puppy's attention. She was very punctual not only for the shoot but also in setting up the gallery. She was extremely patient with our puppy which was very important to us given he is just a puppy. Overall, it was a very very pleasant evening and a beautiful experience working with Candee. I will surely hire her for any future shoots and will certainly recommend to friends. Big shout out to CanDee!!

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