February 20, 2024

Have iPhones Replaced Senior Photography Sessions?

Planning A Senior Photography Session

Do you have a high school senior about to graduate this year? In the modern era, many may wonder why they should pay to have to pay for a senior portrait session when they have access to advanced camera technology through their smartphones. Hello, I’m Candee, owner of I-CanDee Photography near Charlotte, NC, and I’m here to tell you three reasons why smartphone cameras CAN’T replace senior photography sessions.

#3: iPhones Have Little Control Over Poor Lighting Situations

Have you ever gotten all dolled up (expertly-styled hairstyle, flawless makeup, and a perfect outfit) to arrive at your big outdoor event, and it’s pouring down rain? Sometimes, the weather is uncooperative with planned photoshoots (along with other life events). The sun may be too bright or entirely hidden behind clouds. When taking portraits inside, the lights may cast unflattering colors onto the subject, making the person look orange or blue. iPhones and other smartphones do their best to adjust to lighting situations automatically, but often this causes the image to appear grainy or slightly blurry. 

Professional photographers have many different tools and tricks to make lighting situations work. For example, some of the most striking photos were taken in the rain. In addition, pros can handle less-than-ideal situations and turn them into beautiful images, using flashes, modifiers, or just having the subject stand in a different spot.

Something unique about i-Candee Photography:  When you choose to have your senior photo session with me, you can have your portrait session at a beautiful outdoor location or in my full-service studio, located right outside of Charlotte in Matthews, North Carolina. 

#2: iPhone Technology Is Good, But A Pro-Level Camera is BETTER

Technology, specifically smartphone camera technology, has come so incredibly far. The original iPhone was released in June 2007, with a rear-facing camera with a photo resolution of 2 megapixels (MP). The newest iPhone, iPhone 13, which appeared on the scene in late 2021, has a camera that is 12 MP – that’s a massive difference from the original! But did you know that most professional cameras have 30 or more megapixels? So when you’re printing a photo or cropping an image, this megapixel difference can have a HUGE impact on your final product for momentous occasions like these.

Additionally, professional photographers can adjust many settings in their camera (or on their computer after their session) to give your senior portraits the “WOW” factor you want them to have. The camera settings in a smartphone have a small fraction of the settings to adjust compared to a professional-level camera. 

#1: An Experienced Photographer Knows How To Pose

The last reason your iPhone or smartphone can’t replace a professional senior photography session is that the right professional photographer has years of experience and training to expertly pose a senior for these milestone portraits. Have you ever had a perfect picture taken, except for one person who looks like something behind them is growing out of their head, or a hand/arm is sticking out somewhere weird? A pro photographer’s trained eye can make small (or big) adjustments to how a person sits or stands so that the final picture DOESN’T look awkward or unnatural.

Are you thinking about booking a senior photography session for your senior? The best time to start planning the session is right now – click here to contact me at i-CanDee Photography to ask any questions you may have and secure your spot on my calendar. Also, follow along on social media.


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